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West Texas Backyard Wedding | Jax and Hannah

Romance, family, friends and a late West Texas thunderstorm all together make a beautiful wedding day! Jax (my little brother) and Hannah were married in an intimate backyard wedding in Hale Center, Texas on Sunday, June 6th, 2021. On the private property of Hannah’s grandfather, a place that holds a special place in Hannah’s heart, a place she grew up and has so many loving memories they just knew this was the place they wanted to get married. Walking to the guest house when I arrived I notice a sweet stepping stone with little Hannah’s hand and feet imprints lined the walk way and a tree house just across the yard. Sweet-sweet memories and a comforting “home“ feeling. This really was the perfect place for a wedding.

As soon as we walked into the bridal house we were greeted with the smiling and excited faces of Hannah, her mom, sister and friends! When you walk into a bridal suite on wedding days you can always tell how the day will go when you feel the first vibes, and theirs was excitement and joy. It was going to be a great day!

Hannah and Jax have a deep love for playing Chess with each other. And they are both very good at it! I had to have Jax come set up his guest table Chess Board because I have no idea how to even set it up! He definitely needs to teach me one day! Hannah had beautiful touches of Chess throughout the wedding day, we even incorporated it into their portrait time. Videographer Abshire Films and I got some great shots of their first game as husband and wife. They probably would have stayed playing that game but we reminded them of their reception! Haha.

The floral arrangements for their wedding were the best I have seen all year, all grown on a local farm there near Hale Center. A family friend with love of flowers grew all of the flowers and created the arrangements for the entire wedding. The tables were decorated to perfection, along with florals, candles and beautifully placed dishes. Backyard weddings can be upscaled just by the simple aspects such as florals and the use of greenery as filler. Take a look at the floral arrangements and tables in the images below.

Y‘All, I cannot express how much this wedding blew my mind! I found myself getting highly emotional all day knowing that my baby brother was getting married. My parents youngest and last kiddo was married and moved on into a new life chapter. It’s so bittersweet and joyful at the same time. A moment that had me in puddles was when Hannah did her interview with the videographer, she was asked what drew her to Jax. Her answer was “his looks”… to me, my brother is the best looking kid I know. I’ve seen him grow up before my eyes and have lived with him while we navigated the diagnosis of his alopcia when he was nearly five years old. For years he dealt with mean kids, stares and the often ask of ”Do you have cancer”. So to hear that the first thing Hannah was attracted to was his looks had me in full on tears. His compassionate, loving heart and goofy personality were also a perfect match for Hannah!

I will always be that protective older sister but I am comforted in knowing that Hannah now has his back and will take care of him. I am so happy for Jax and Hannah and cannot wait to see what the future looks like for them!

Take a peek into their wedding day with the images below! A big shout out to Autry with Gather by Autry who planned this event with Hannah and her family. I have never seen a planner work as hard as she did that day with a positive and happy spirit! Lex (my brother in law) rocked it out with video for the couple! Go check out his sneak peek here!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Pounds! We love you both!!!!



*Vendor info at bottom* Blog images are uploaded at low resolution, download pics via gallery instead*

The scar above his eyebrow is from when he shut his head in a wooden toy box when he was little!

Would you just look at those West Texas Views!!! Fields for days!

Missing our two sisters for the wedding! Pounds tradition to "include" those missing into a pic too! They were there in spirit and also FaceTime!

A storm came barreling into town, Jax and Hannah only had time to eat, cut cake, first dance & exit! Short and sweet but also so much fun!

We love you Jax and Hannah Pounds!!!


Flowers: Local Friend's Farm!

Planning: Gather by Autry

Venue: Family Farm


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