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Hey there, fabulous couples! At Mandy Lorraine Photography, we're all about turning your special moments into a burst of joy and color! Dive into our wedding photography packages where we capture the heart of your love story with extra sparkle. For our beautiful brides, our bridal sessions are all about elegance, glamour, and a sprinkle of magic. And let's not forget the fun – our engagement sessions are where your unique love story takes center stage! With a dash of bubbly and a whole lot of passion, we're here to turn every moment into a celebration that's uniquely yours.

In photography, it's not about the price you pay; it's about the investment you make in capturing priceless moments that last a lifetime. The true value lies not just in the cost but in the enduring memories and stories preserved through the lens of passion and dedication.


Q: Can we customize a wedding package that meets our wants and needs for our wedding day?
A: Absolutely! We can chat about everything you want in a package, customize according to budget and find a common agreement that suits both you and MLP.
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