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Thanks for visiting the site! For those of you that do not know me, I am Mandy! I am a small-town Justin,Texas girl transplanted here from Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2009. I am a wife to my funny and good lookin' husband, Alex and mommy to my children Cooper, Kacie and fur babies Rockie & Bingo. I resigned from my job doing the 9-5 thing in pursuit of chasing my love for photography! I work from home and raise my babies while my husband serves and protects us as a police officer. And above all, I am a God fearing daughter of the King, I love Jesus and serving His people!


My passion for photography allows me to create moments in time for people to remember and look back on! I started this small on the side business with a beautiful young lady who's family couldn't afford the "typical" senior photos, so with a "nice camera" and a park down the road, my passion grew...and grew...I thought to myself, how many others are out there not getting their pictures taken because they are scared of the price? I remember growing up and our family not having a lot of extra spending money for such things. We would bring home the school pictures in that window lined envelope just to return them the next day because of the price! I told myself, if I get into that business I will always strive to be affordable to families!

So, with a passion to serve and a camera in my hand, I am unstoppable! If you want to know more, contact me!


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