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Tips on Including Dogs into Engagement Sessions

Tips for incorporating your dogs into your engagement session!

  • Arrive early to your session and walk them around! Get them acclimated to the area and allow them to mark their territory!

  • Bring Treats!

  • Bring a new squeaky toy for the photographer! This is the trick to get them to look at the camera!!

  • Start your session with your fur babies first!

  • Bring along someone to help with the dogs or take them home when their part of the session is done

  • Smile, even if you find yourself frustrated that they aren't cooperating like you hoped! Candid shots of you two playing with the pups are always fun too!

  • Have fun, dogs are such great readers of energy and they feed off of it!

Squeaky toy for the win!!!!

Just smile, even if they aren't doing exactly what you want them to do!


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