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Ranch Style Wedding in Texas | Brittany & Ryan

Brittany and Ryan Biberston were married in front of family, friends and the gang of longhorns at Lucky Spur Ranch & Retreat in Justin, Texas! The day was so perfect, and for a mid January wedding the weather was impeccable! After 6 long months apart because #military life, Brittany and Ryan were finally reunited just days before their wedding, which made the celebration together, with family and friends even more of a party! The couple booked LCR for the entire weekend so they were able to spend more time together and with friends who traveled in from all over the US. That is such a great optional perk of booking with LCR!

I was so honored to have had the opportunity to serve these two! They have been the definition of "the ideal couple" for the type of people I strive to attract! Loving, joyful, happy and wholesome people! Thankful for them and their families for trusting me with these memories!

Take a sneak peek into their wedding day below, keep an eye out for the alumni of Clemson and A&M, sweet & tearful moments between mother and son and a dancing bride!

Ryan, thank you for your service to our country! & Mrs Biberston, thank you too!



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Mr + Mrs Biberston