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A Galactic Love Affair: Stacie and Nicola's April Wedding at The Springs Event Venue - Parker Manor

Once Upon a Galaxy Far, Far Away: A Star Wars Love Story

In the heart of Weatherford, Texas, beneath the Texas sky and surrounded by the enchanting ambiance of The Springs Event Venue - Parker Manor, Stacie and Nicola embarked on a love-filled journey that was nothing short of a fairy tale. This April wedding was a celebration like no other, blending the magic of Star Wars, vibrant florals, laughter-filled moments, and a touch of Fireball to ignite the spark of love.

Star Wars Enchantment

The couple, avid Star Wars fans, infused their love for the iconic saga into every aspect of their special day. From a jaw-dropping Star Wars groom's cake that could rival the Death Star to a light saber exit that lit up the night, the force was undeniably strong with this love-filled celebration.

Floral Splendor and Ruby Red Elegance

Against the pure white backdrop of The Springs Event Venue, the colorful florals stood out like blossoms in spring. The venue was adorned with a palette of vibrant hues, creating a whimsical atmosphere that perfectly complemented the joyous occasion. The bridesmaids, stunning in their ruby red dresses from David's Bridal, added an extra touch of elegance to the celebration.

Fireball Shots and Laughter-Filled Moments

As the ceremony unfolded, laughter echoed through the air, thanks to the officiant who surprised everyone with Fireball shots, creating a lighthearted and memorable moment. The unexpected twist had everyone smiling and added a unique flair to an already magical ceremony.

Capturing Timeless Memories

As the photographer for this extraordinary day, it was an honor to witness the love between Stacie and Nicola unfold. Every photograph captured not just the beauty of the celebration but the genuine connection shared by the couple and their loved ones.

A Light Saber Exit to Remember

The night was capped off with a light saber exit that illuminated the darkness and symbolized the beginning of a new chapter for Stacie and Nicola. Friends and family cheered as the couple, embraced in the glow of the light sabers, exited their magical celebration hand in hand.

Stacie and Nicola's April wedding at The Springs Event Venue - Parker Manor was a delightful blend of romance, laughter, and a touch of Star Wars magic. The force of love was undeniably present, creating a celebration that will be cherished by the couple and their guests for light years to come. May the love between Stacie and Nicola continue to flourish in their own galaxy of happiness.


Venue: The Springs Event Venue- Parker Manor (Weatherford, Texas)

Bridal Gown: Milenas

Bridal Shoes: Rene Caovilla

Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal

Florist: Self

Stationary: Zazzle

Bakery: V Vs Cakes


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