Ballroom Wedding in Keller, Texas | Delgado

Samantha & Jared were married July 19th at The Harrison Ballroom in Keller, Texas! A beautiful indoor ceremony and reception celebrated together with family and friends! These two have been together since they were fifteen years old, on the first day they met Samantha told Jared was "You're going to be my husband"... well seven years later Samantha was finally able to call Jared her husband!

The day started at the Hilton- Southlake where the girls jammed to hits from the 2000's as they had their hair and makeup done! It's always so refreshing to walk into a bride's hotel room and be met with a smiling bride and bridesmaids!!! Samantha had robes made for all of her girls with their names embroidered and they were so gorgeous... I need to find out how to get one!! I soon met Harley, Samantha's sweet niece who helped me with the bridal details! She loved how beautiful her auntie's jewelry was and couldn't wait to have something like this at her own wedding! It melted my heart as she held in her tiny hands, the earrings that were her late great-grandmother's! I told her that one day her wedding day will be just as beautiful! So Harley's mom and family.... don't blink, it will be here sooner than you think! See below for a few images I took of her helping!

As soon as Samantha's mother buttoned her up into her gown, her jewelry and shoes were on, we snuck down the elevator to have the first look in private with the bride and groom! The nervous but excited anxiety in both of them before the moment was precious... they've know each other a quarter of their lives but still those butterflies seemed to over take them!! As Samantha walked closer to Jared she quietly whispered for him to turn around... I think before he could turn all the way around Jared was overcome with emotion of seeing his beautiful bride!!! The sweetest thing EVER!! Just look at them!!! After a few minutes, the couple chose to read each other their personal vows to one another... Let me just tell you, I was bawling right along with them. Samantha read a portion of hers to Jared in Spanish... I was bawling and I didn't even know what she was saying.... Such a sweet moment that I am glad they decided to do! A first look may seem so untraditional but really it allows for the bride and groom to have their moment together and alone... well kinda!