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Taking The Leap Into Full Time Wedding Photography

Two years ago I was stuck in a life altering decision. A decision to pursue my dreams of taking my photography business full time. I had an amazing full time job that I had worked myself up from intern to assistant vice president over 8 years!! I helped create systems, build amazing teams, I had my own office, I had a great boss who took care of me and great friends at this job... but somethings felt out of place... I felt burnt out and I was emotionally exhausted (not only because I was a mom of two with a newborn and a husband in the police academy) but a heartache of missing out on my purpose....

It took all of my might, courage and a whole lotta Jesus to type up my resignation letter (more than anyone but myself and God will ever know). I printed it and sealed it with tears. I walked into my bosses office with shaking hands and swollen eyeballs and I sobbed for what door I was closing. I prayed that the decision was the right one, because I knew for an employer, no time is a good time for an employee of 8 years and a whole lot of responsibilities to quit... but I knew that this was the right time for me, Mandy.

I was taking a BOLD leap into what I have found to be my real purpose with my career. Did I have everything lined out and answers to all of the questions and what ifs?... No...I did know that my full time paycheck, insurance, social circle was gone...and it was all up to me to make this dream work... ahhh!!

With the Grace of God and a whole lotta word of mouth from people just like you, I have officially wrapped up my 31st wedding of my career! I have almost matched my annual income and bonus I CAN STAY HOME WITH MY KIDS and share mid week weekends with my husband.

Looking and praying for God to reveal your purpose is going to push you into places that may seem scary and make you uncomfortable, but with His grace and LOTS OF HARD WORK (seriously, lots of hard work!!!!) I am living in my purpose and am able to shine the light of Jesus through imagery for people all over the state of Texas and beyond!

Chase those dreams, you are responsible for you and your happiness! Find something that lights you up and serve with love, compassion and always believe in yourself!

Photo Credit: Taylor Nolan

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