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Tips on Taking A Better Selfie for Your Business

Are you a side hustler? A mama wanting to bring in some extra income for your family? A college student looking to help cover the cost of the quickly building student loans? Whatever the reason for starting your side hustle, you know the importance of images!!

Beauty products, skin care lines, clothing, workout supplements, health and wellness, essential oils, accessory artists, the list goes on and on.... Some products deriving from MLM companies now days are TOP NOTCH, and there are several I am a big fan of at the moment and frequently purchase... but because these products are not "big box products" the distributors are the ones who are marketing them to the masses...And how are they reaching these masses?... The #1 way is through social media by imagery!!! A compelling & honest before and after picture will set your business on fire for your ideal client! Trust me, I am that ideal client who was drawn in by that before and after image!

Whether your images are results driven by before and afters, a quick makeup tutorial, a cute picture of you holding or using your favorite products from your business, your images have to be telling of the greatness that your products offer!!

I am going to give you some tips from a professional photographer on how to take that perfect selfie that will help you build your business through images!! I hope you find this useful and that it helps build that side hustle and you reach all of your dreams!



You will not even guess what all touches those small little lenses throughout the day... dust, smudge, Cheeto grease... ha! Just give it a little clean before your snap that picture! There are many different types of cleaning supplies out there but the bottom of a soft cotton t-shirt or microfiber cloth will do wonders!!

Find some handy phone wipes from Amazon here!


If at all possible use that back camera rather than the selfie camera! The back camera has almost double the megapixels then the selfie camera! For example, the back camera on the iPhone 8 has 12 megapixels and the selfie camera is a 7 megapixel camera!

***A megapixel is the size of the images, those little tiny squares that make up an images... 12 megapixels is equivalent to 12 million of those tiny squares!! With more megapixels the more clarity, color pop and details you will get in your images!!

A trick to use the back camera for a selfie is to use a tripod with the screen facing a mirror and to use the built in self timer! See tip below on self timer! I have also see some people hook up their camera via Apple TV to their television to see the screen better while using the back camera! To each their own...