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Samantha + Rusty Engagement

Samantha and Rusty's engagement session took place at Bastrop State Park in Bastrop, Texas! This park was the perfect fit for these two Colorado natives who love being outdoors! Rusty and Sammi's love story reminds me of that LanCo song, Greatest Love Story, simply because they met in high school, went separate ways in college and found each other and fell madly in love! Amazing right!?!

Want to know a funny side bit, Samantha and I played softball against each other pretty much our entire softball careers, but never officially met! I grew up in Colorado playing ball and we often played against one another in college! Small world right? I am so happy that this special occasion has brought us together outside of the diamond!

I cannot wait to travel back to Colorado in May to photograph their wedding day! Here is a sneak peek into our session together!



PS. In 2015 Bastrop suffered sever fires that burned across the state park, see if you can find the burn scars in the images.

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