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Winter Wedding at The Nest

I cannot get over how beautiful this day was, both literally and figuratively... whichever and however you wish to explain it! From the venue to the hair and makeup, models (to die for. true love.) to the floral, stationary and to that velvet green couch! I have never been more inspired and ready for God's next plans as I am right now... read more on how I came about this shoot... below the images!

Here is a sneak peek into this AMAZING shoot at The Nest at Ruth Farms.

You guys...can we just call this AMAZING day a God nudged day?... I still am in awe of His silent nudges and heart persistency in the collaboration "behind the scenes" in my life, constructing me into stumbling upon a Facebook post for a styled wedding shoot. Without hesitation I quickly inserted myself into a stranger's Facebook conversation and inquired details about a styled shoot that was only two days away... when I received a very quick reply back from Kristina with details I WAS IN.... now to convince the budget nerd of my husband on why this is so important... throughout the next day or so I snuck the topic into the situation, related it to baseball (terms he would understand) and he replied with "whatever you think"... not the best answer but it wasn't a no...I thought I would just leave it alone and possibly wait on another shoot to pop up... but for some reason my heart would NOT give it a rest (hence the nudges)!

Driving home from dropping Cooper (son) off at MDO (mother's day out) I told Alex (hubby)... "I am going to go (shoot started at 1pm that day... it was now 11am), for some reason I just cannot give this a rest, it's like I am being told I HAVE TO GO! I am going to message the host and see if I can still come..."

Fast forward, I went! Totally out of my comfort zone (meeting new people who are WAY more skilled than I) and self doubt lingered in my head as I packed my bags to leave. But as soon as I entered those barn doors to The Nest at Ruth Farms, smiling and welcoming women invited me in. I never felt so welcomed by complete strangers before!

Vendor info:

Host: Kristina Availa Photography

Venue: The Nest at Ruth Farms

HMUA: Taylor Glam

Floral: Gardenia Events & Floral Designs

Stationary: Host Club

Gown: Bridal Boutique Lewisville

Models: Hannah & Chase

Green couch rental: Warehouse Rose Vintage Rentals

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