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Christine: A Breast Cancer Survivor

December 18, 2015, two days after her 34th birthday Christine Summers received the news that would shake her world... her recent self detected breast lump was biopsied and came back as cancerous. As young, strong and physically fit as Christine was, cancer did not was there to make itself known and was going to try its hardest to cause disruption, sickness and pain. However, cancer picked the WRONG woman. Christine had too much good planned into her life and cancer was not going to take any of that away without a strong fight! A wife, mom of three, softball coach and business owner knew that life wasn't just going to stop because she had cancer, she had to put on a strong and brave battle for her future.

Within 18 months of her breast cancer diagnosis, Christine endured a double mastectomy, NINE different surgeries, chemotherapy, numerous medications and the loss of her long blonde beautiful hair! Some days were rough and others were ok. Being the select softball coach for her twin daughter's team, Christine managed to never miss one practice or game because of her illness... what a determined woman to teach young ladies what a true fighting spirit really looks like both on and off the field!

What helped Christine through it all was her positive attitude with a determination to kick cancer out, an amazing support team and healthy dietary changes! A large part of her support team was Christine's loving husband, Cody. Cody was there every step of the way with always a shoulder to cry on, a positive reminder to keep fighting and a stable foundation during the unstable times. He always knew a sure way to help Christine forget about her pain for just a little bit, with a movie and bucket of popcorn. Knowing that she had three young children who needed their mom to be there at every sporting event, every school function and every new milestone throughout their lives fueled her fire to fight even harder!

After a fierce battle with breast cancer, Christine is now cancer free and a proud survivor! Although, still at high risk for recurrence, Christine knows that cancer cannot keep her down! With the help of daily treatments and monthly doctor's visits for the next nine years, please join me in prayer and good vibes to Christine as the journey of survival continues.

I am honored to know Christine and her story! Her impact on the community she is involved with is one of humbled love and a strong & determined leadership. Thank you Christine for allowing me to share your amazing and inspiring story, to raise awareness for breast cancer and help encourage those fighting that in the word cancer is the word CAN, they CAN do it too!

Christine Summers Q&A Session

Christine Summers Question & Answer Session

Q: When were you diagnosed and at what age?

  • Two days after my 34th birthday.

Christine & Cody Before Diagnosis

Q: What stage were you diagnosed with?

  • I was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma (Breast Cancer) – Stage 1A, Estrogen Positive with zero positive lymph nodes. Because of my age, BRCA status and the type of tumor characteristics, I was and still am high risk for breast cancer reoccurrence.

Q: How was the cancer initially detected?

  • I self-detected a small mass in my breast. I waited a couple days and then decided I needed to go in to have it checked out. First off I went to my OBGYN who sent me to get a mammogram, which ended up not showing anything. Before letting me leave, the radiologist at the office decided to do an ultrasound since they could feel the small mass. After the ultrasound he determined it was most likely benign, especially with my age, however, he sent me to a surgeon to double check. I then met with the surgeon who, again, thought it was benign but gave me the option for biopsy which I agreed to and wanted. Three days later I received the call that the mass was officially diagnosed as cancerous.