Christine: A Breast Cancer Survivor

December 18, 2015, two days after her 34th birthday Christine Summers received the news that would shake her world... her recent self detected breast lump was biopsied and came back as cancerous. As young, strong and physically fit as Christine was, cancer did not was there to make itself known and was going to try its hardest to cause disruption, sickness and pain. However, cancer picked the WRONG woman. Christine had too much good planned into her life and cancer was not going to take any of that away without a strong fight! A wife, mom of three, softball coach and business owner knew that life wasn't just going to stop because she had cancer, she had to put on a strong and brave battle for her future.

Within 18 months of her breast cancer diagnosis, Christine endured a double mastectomy, NINE different surgeries, chemotherapy, numerous medications and the loss of her long blonde beautiful hair! Some days were rough and others were ok. Being the select softball coach for her twin daughter's team, Christine managed to never miss one practice or game because of her illness... what a determined woman to teach young ladies what a true fighting spirit really looks like both on and off the field!

What helped Christin