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Brandon & Darci

When they say things happen for a reason, sometimes you never really know of understand the reason behind it... until you meet two amazing people out of it! Brandon and Darci had their wedding photographer chosen and within 6 weeks of their wedding their original photographer had to cancel due to health reasons! GASP... what panic for a bride and her sweet mama who is planning the big day?!... Fortunately with sweet friends and word of mouth, MOB (mother of the bride) was given my name! After we spoke on the phone I just knew these two clients were meant to be, my ideal love birds with love for each other that is just so refreshing!

Although Brandon is a HUGE GB Packers fan, his humor and charming spirit made up for that! Darci and I both played fast pitch softball our entire life and also into college...the small little things that tied us together were just simply amazing! I cannot wait to capture the big wedding day for these two. Until then, help me celebrate their engagement with these portraits!

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