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Davis Family

Five of the most tight knit group of souls I have ever met, the Davis family! This family holds a special place near and dear to my heart! When my family and I lived in Colorado Springs, I baby sat the three (not so) little ones for many years during the summers that I was out of school! Summers of sidewalk chalk, reading books, crafting, and even playing with an occasional gardening bag full of lady bugs... seriously still freaks me out!

Christy and Kevin have such a beautiful and admirable marriage and partnership, the way they have brought up there children to be brilliant and loving (almost) teenagers! Can we just pause for a moment and begin a slow clap for these two... they will have three in middle school this coming school season... like we say in Texas... Bless your hearts!

It was such an honor to capture these beautiful moments at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs while on vacation this past week! We had so much fun goofing around, talking about old times and photobombing each other!

With all my heart, I love and appreciate you all!



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