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Police Academy Graduation

There is nothing in life better than allowing God to do His work in His perfect timing! This journey has been one we have left in God's hands and trusted in Him! Today was a great day, my hubby graduated from the Police Academy and is now a Roanoke Police Officer! We could not be prouder of him! Roanoke is gaining Alex and we are gaining the Roanoke family, such an amazing department!

As teenagers Alex told me if he were to do anything other than play baseball for a career his dream would be a police officer, well this dream is here!

I ask you always keep Alex and all law enforcement in your prayers as they protect and serve their communities! It's a tough job but such a rewarding job!

"Blessed be the peacemakers" Matthew 5:9

Here is to the start of a new journey in FTO and being a blue family!

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