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Seniors: What To Expect

I am so excited to share a few hours with you during our upcoming shoot for your senior portraits!

Here are a few things you should expect during our time together!

What to Bring!

  • Parent, sibling or a friend! I find that my seniors feel more comfortable when someone is there with them that they know and feel comfortable around! Anyone you would like can come that will you feel relaxed and be a good time!

  • Special high school memorabilia: letterman jacket, class ring, medals, trophies, ribbons, etc!

  • Two to three outfits to change into! Remember your unique style and wear what makes you, YOU! Ladies: don't feel shy if you want to wear that rocking' prom dress and heels for a couple poses then change into jeans and a t-shirt! Guys: bring that football jersey, it's all up to you! Remember your accessories and touch up makeup!

  • Come dressed in your first outfit choice and be ready to go at our start time! We only have a certain time together and we want to make the most of it and get all the shots in that we can!

  • A drink! Sometimes we get caught up in posing and forget to hydrate!

  • A good attitude! Some have never been in front of the camera and it can be very intimidating, but if you come with a good attitude I promise we will have a great time!

During Your Shoot!

  • We will being as soon as we get there!

  • If you have any MUST GET poses, please let me know right away or remind me throughout the shoot! I want to make sure we get what you want!

  • I like to get multiples of one pose from different angles and some with smiles and some without. So be prepared for me to be walking around you shouting out commands and doing goofy antics to make you smile!

  • Your ideas are totally welcome! While we are shooting and you feel a pose come on that you want to do, tell me and we will work it in, again this is for you!

  • Cell phone shots! You are more than welcome to use your phone periodically to take behind the scenes or a pictures of yourself, I just ask that if you post on social media that you tag me in the picture!

  • We will work fast moving from one pose to another in order to get everything we need in during our time together.

After your Shoot!

  • Within two days after your shoot you will see a sneak peek on my Facebook page, feel free to tag yourself and others! But please do not crop, edit or distort the image in anyway.

  • Within three weeks of your photoshoot I will mail out your digital images on external drive to the address you provided me. In some special cases I can meet you with your images but this must be arranged prior.

  • You will also receive a print release with your images. This will allow you to print images where you wish! When you pick up the images the cashier may request this release, so please be sure to take this along with you when picking up prints.

I hope this receives some anxious nerves you may have before your shoot! Remember you can always text or call me with questions! I look forward to spending time with you to get the most out of your senior portraits!

-Mandy Lorraine :)

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