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What About Mandy.

My first blog post...EEK! I am excited and nervous at the same time! I have been wanting to start a blog for years, but never had the courage and let's face it... the time, to do it. But here I am pulling that trigger and taking that oh so fearful leap into the cyber world! So, since you are here you're probably wondering, who are you! Well this first blog post I figured I would let you in and get to know me a little!

I am a wife to my funny and good lookin' husband Alex! We have been together for nearly ten years and married for six of those years! To say he is my better half would be an understatement, he is more like my better 3/4! Together we have two beautiful children, Cooper (2) and Kacie (2 months) and our fur baby, Rockie (7). We live in Justin, Texas where we recently purchased our second home!

I grew up in a loving and tight knit family! I have three younger siblings, Cheyanne, Kori and Jax! My parents are two of the most wonderful people in the world, the give the shirt off their back kind of people. They have been married nearly 30 years and still seems to get happier and happier as the years go on. Their marriage is such a great example in this day in age and I am grateful to have that marriage to look up to. My sisters Cheyanne and Kori are both married and have children, Kinsley, Aubrey and Scout (Tom). I love my nephew and nieces to the moon and back! Life had taken each of us on a different direction so we are all hundreds of miles away from one another, but with FaceTime and text messages it seems like we are close! Isn't technology so AWESOME?!

I played fastpitch softball growing up and through my time in college. I made some of the best friends playing the game and will cherish those times deep down in my heart for a lifetime! I played ball in college at Western Nebraska for a few years, but after nearly 16 years in a uniform and dirty socks, it was time for me to hang up the cleats, in which I did. That was when I moved to Texas to follow my family after they moved from Colorado while I was away at school. I landed my first real job as a "spa director" AKA: office manager at a local spa... that lasted just long enough for God to send me as rescue in the form of my current boss and fearless leader of a small business, Gaylan!

I work part time right now for a wonderful company in Fort Worth, Texas. They allow me to work from home and raise my babies while my husband serves and protects us as a police officer! I help with design, events, and other things along with assist my wonderful boss with her special projects which I love!

I am excited to start this journey of blogging and I hope you continue to follow along with me on this adventure! I haven't decided on a niche yet, so bare with me while I try to figure that out in the next few weeks!



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